The ‘Social Club’ project.

An innovative ‘small scale’ collaboration among Italian cooperative societies generating social capital, sense of community and sustainability

Categoria: Contributi in atti di convegni
Anno: 2010
In: International Sociological Association - XVII World Congress of Sociology - Gothenburg (Sweden)

The Club was then officially set up in November 2009 by 32 organizations, social cooperatives and a few associations, in the metropolitan area of Turin, Italy (c. two million inhabitants).
Concentration in the metropolitan area was intentional: the promoters did not intend to create a national organisation, since proximity is an indispensable condition for delivering the expected services to the members and respecting the Club's central “mission”: the empowerment of the workers and the creation of social capital. In this sense, the Social Club differs from the numerous profit enterprises‟ recreational clubs.


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